Edmund B.
Operations Consultant

About Edmund

Key Experiences

An unlikely consultant, working out of interest, not ambition.
I chose to study Chemistry, and never thought about a career, always thinking I would go into research. Much as I loved my degree, during my final year working as an R&D chemist and writing my masters thesis, I realised that I liked neither research nor academia. The thought of another 4 years doing a PhD, or an unbounded time in a lab for a huge pharma or technological firm filled me with dread.

The ensuing period of flux found me for the first time thinking about what I really wanted to do. Of the few companies that ticked my boxes, Newton was one. Having always thought consultancy was a world of suits I wanted nothing to be part of, I was shocked to find it as appealing as I did.

Since getting the role at Newton, I've been cracking on in that world I'd never even considered before reading the job description.

Current Position

Building tools which enable the work of Britains' dockyards.
As an operations consultant for Newton, every project and position is different. Some are data heavy, with complex and innovative solutions. Some are simple, but could involve changing the mindset and drive of an entire organisation. One day I might be number crunching behind a laptop, the next I could be convincing senior management what that number crunching shows, and building the strategy of change on the basis of my findings.

At the moment I'm working on a dockyard, working to bring accurate visibility to management and operations of the work they can and can't do, in order to drive the current work to be more effective and to free up tomorrow's work most effectively. The dockyard works on quarter year scales, just a few months ago I was building a short interval control system to manage waste in a cereal factory, pumping out millions of bars a week.

Everyday is different, and brings a new challenge.

Main Motivations

I'm never bored, and see the results of my work around me.
Every day at work provides a different challenge, I rarely find myself reliving the same day two days in a row. I love the variation my role brings, which allows me to continue learning while on site and constantly develop a broad skill set.

What's more, I don't have to face these challenges alone. Working with a team of driven, intelligent and helpful people makes every challenge on site manageable.

Each day we drive towards our milestones, and over time see the real impact of the work we do; increased productivity, our work saved in management systems, our dashboards being talked about and used to direct action. Seeing the direct impact of our work on all levels of the business is incredibly rewarding, and exciting.

Top Advice

Be honest with yourself.
It is important to value your job, and in order to do that you have to spend the time understanding what it is you want from a job and a career.

That time will be one of the best investments you make; cutting out applications to jobs you don't really want, ensuring you value and care about the time sunk into learning about the company, and can be genuine and passionate when in the recruitment process. This shines through to any recruiter, compared to someone who hasn't really considered what the role means to them.

Most importantly of all, it will ensure you end up in a role you enjoy, respect and value.

Greatest Achievement

Seeing a 12% improvement in the working efficiency of the shipyard.
The work of our team resulted in a 12% increase in working efficiency on the dockyard while we were there. This was the result of all of our and the client's work as part of the project, and will have a measurable impact on the success of the business today, and in the future, ensuring the livelihood of those who rely on the dockyard as their income.

In the world of complex engineering, it is hard to tie the effect of your work to something tangible, as the end result is the sum of so many different inputs. It has taken many months to complete the project, and see the results dropping out of the end of the funnel, that it makes it hugely rewarding when it finally comes through and is shown on the shop floor.

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