Andrew R.
Operations Consultant

About Andrew

Key Experiences

Consultant at Newton Europe
Moved over from Belfast to study Maths at Durham University - I'm really passionate about the subject and place

After four years I got a graduate job offer with Newton - Started in 2018 and have loved every minute of it

Current Position

Work with a team of colleagues to deliver real change for clients
Working directly with the client to deliver new insights and create change from the ground up. Working quite literally side by side with the client teams gets you really motivated and driven to push for continuous improvement

Main Motivations

The pace of the job and responsibility
There is a bit of a learning curve when you start out, but this allows you to get stuck right in after induction. You're given a lot of trust with important workstreams from day one which allows you to really push yourself to see how far you can go

Top Advice

Be confident in your ability and always bring enthusiasm to the table
Newton recruits based on your potential and not just your current ability. So don't worry if Excel scares you or if you think you won't be able if you haven't done a STEM subject at university - there's enough training for anything.
Always try and show energy and enthusiasm throughout your application process - on the job you'll be working away from home during the week with a Newton team. There will be the occasional bad day on the job, so Newton looks for people who will have the tenacity to never give up and keep a smile on their face

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