“ How did you decide between Digital Solutions and Operations Consultant? ”

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What are the main differences between the roles? What sort of person would suit each role best?
Operations Consultant, Newton Europe

In all honesty at the time I was applying I didn't particularly look into the digital solutions role. I saw it as something that I could transition into from the consulting career path and didn't pay too much attention to it. The main diffferences between the roles is really just the level of data detail and analysis that you'd go into in the digital solutions role. The same person could do both the operations and digitial solutions role, the big difference is in the digital solutions role you're more likely to be put on more technical data heavy projects. Will W. Might have more to add?


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Digital Solutions Consultant, Newton Europe
Louise J.

Thanks for the quick reply. Would there be scope to transition between roles if I or Newton felt I would be better suited to the other?

Operations Consultant, Newton Europe

Hi Louise, there is definitely scope to transition, many of the digital solutions team got there through the operations consultant path! One of the reasons the two streams are separated is to really highlight the opportunities for those people highly interested and capable in the complex analysis side of our work, and as our projects grow in size and complexity, there is more and more pull for a team who are experts in data analysis and systems and have a more comprehensive technical skillset than an operations consultant. Applying to one wouldn't necessarily mean you would never do the other role.

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