“ What does an average week look like at Newton? ”

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The week starts on Monday morning where you travel from Home (or wherever you are), leaving no earlier than 6am to get to a client site. You would normally then stay locally to the client site you are working on till Friday when you leave to make sure that you get home for 6pm. The hours you work day to day are normally focused around the hours that the particular clients work and therefore it varies client to client. Most evenings are yours to do as you please. Whether that be relax by yourself or do some sports or go to dinner with the team - its completely up to you. There are times when you might need to do some evening work, but this does not happen too frequently. Every two weeks the entire company gets together for review days, on those weeks you would leave your client site on Thursday afternoon to get to the review night, which is an activity ranging from board game nights to bogan bingo. With the Friday the next day being a day started by presentations/updates to the entire company before breaking out into workshop groups for the rest of the day. All wrapping up at 2.30 pm to make sure you get home by 6pm in time for your weekend :)

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